Online Meeting of ASOIU Officials with Bangladesh Students

ASOIU is starting to operate its academic programs as ASOIU South Asian campus in Bangladesh for South & East Asian countries students. It was stressed by Dr. Rafig Jamalov, Vice Rector of ASOIU, during the online meeting with Bangladesh students. Rafig Jamalov, vice-rector of ASOIU, Yashar Hasanov, International students dean and Natig Mammadov, International students deputy dean attended Admission Conference for Bangladesh students to deliver necessary information on education at ASOIU.


The meeting was organized by Mr. Khorshed Alam, partner of ASOIU Institute of Asia in Dhakka, Bangladesh. Dr. Jamalov demonstrated the presentation on education in ASOIU and spoke about advantages to study at ASOIU.


The interest to ASOIU education was tremendous. More than 200 students from Bangladesh participated in the meeting.


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