ASOIU and UTP Are Ready for Cooperation

ASOIU and UTP (University Technology Petronas) exchanged the curriculums and syllabi which were partly mapped by the faculty members of both universities. UTM Top Management addressed to ASOIU to start collaboration from this coming May 2021. They are ready to receive at least 10 to 15 students for different study fields. UTP asked respective faculty members of ASOIU to equivallent (mapping) first three years syllabuses which students will study at ASOIU. After three years, they will be transferred to UTP, Malaysia for final year to obtain Bachelor.


Regarding the students can study at one year and 2nd year they will be transferred to UTP Malaysia to obtain Master or MBA.


Same as vice versa would be effective for UTP students to transfer to ASOIU.


ASOIU, in its turn, informed UTP management that the education year in Azerbaijan ends in June, so exchange of students can be started from September 2021.


The Agreement between ASOIU and UTP is planned to be signed in April, 2021.


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