Interview with Afghan student Zabiullah Gambari

As we know, November 16th is celebrated as the Student’s Day. So we decided to interview one of our international students who speaks Azerbaijani. In fact, we have students who speaks Azeri, but our decision was to interview one of Afghani students studying at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. The reason was simple. Afghani people are always interesting for Azeri people, we are similar culture, similar cuisine, similar traditions. And one more important issue that our interviewee was Khazar, ancient Turkic tribe living in Afghanistan.


Zabiullah Gambari is a BBA student. His major is Management. He speaks fluent Azeri, loves Azerbaijan, its culture, traditions. He is happy being here. Zabi, as we name him, is planning stay in Azerbaijan for a long time, pass BBA and MBA in our country.


We congratulate Zabi and all our international students with the Student’s Day and wish they all the best in their lives.


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