Foreign students of ASOIU in the "Green Marathon"

A tree planting campaign under the slogan "From Victory to Green Thought" was held in Khojasan village on November 20 as part of the Green Marathon project, jointly organized by the Ministries of Ecology and Natural Resources, Education and the IDEA Public Association.


The tree planting action was attended by heads of specialized organizations and departments, foreign students studying in our country, representatives of higher educational institutions, graduates of the State Program for 2007-2015, the Grand Program of Non-Aligned Countries, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Intergovernmental Scholarships programs ”(HTP), as well as representatives of the State Migration Service and the International Development Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AIDA).


More than 100 foreign students from 17 universities representing 48 countries took part in the autumn tree planting marathon in order to improve the environmental situation, increase greening, as well as increase the network and social activity of foreign students and promote the education of foreigners in Azerbaijan.


Tofik Muradkhanov, Emil Abdurakhmanov, ASOIU International Dean's Office representatives, Saniya Nurzad (Afghanistan), Hamza Najer (Algeria), Batsaikhan Munchnaran (Mongolia), students enrolled in the "Grand Program of Non-Aligned countries”, as well as Chinese students Turehan Yimaer, Xue Yang, Zhao Xue and Yang Geng also joined the marathon.


At the end, the impressions of the participants were listened to and memorable photographs were taken.


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