Student from Namibia about education in ASOIU

Namibian Student: I feel very comfortable at the ASOIU. I enjoy studying and living in Azerbaijan. Here, I feel at home and very comfortable. The hospitality, friendliness, and warmth of Azerbaijanis are simply amazing.
Basson, a student at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), shared this with the Baku Tribune. According to him, ASOIU treats foreign students warmly.
"I have personally experienced this many times. Upon arrival in Azerbaijan and during my studies, I did not encounter any problems. I chose the Azerbaijani university because it is an excellent institution. The teaching is at a high level, and the teachers are highly qualified," noted Basson.
Studying abroad is an opportunity to make a leap in life and challenge oneself, says the Namibian student.
"I believe that studying abroad is not only about exploring a new place but also a tool for learning languages, as well as the strongest motivation to work on oneself. The level of lectures at our university is excellent but challenging at the same time, as it helps us develop ourselves and challenge our abilities," said Basson.


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